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Welcome to the Compositions Book Club, where we embark on a journey of collective reading. In this podcast, we explore books that offer pathways beyond the confines of planetary plunder. Each episode, we dissect thought-provoking books that challenge established narratives and ignite our imagination.

Join us as we engage with captivating texts, such as Terms of Order: Political Science and the Myth of Leadership, Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History, and Decolonial Ecology: Thinking from the Caribbean World. We invite you to engage in critical decolonial and anticapitalist conversations and collectively reimagine shared futures. Welcome to the Compositions Book Club.

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The host

Willem Schinkel is Professor of Social Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His work critically investigates racial capitalism by focusing, amongst others, on the genealogies of migration and of the propertied subject. He coordinates the interdisciplinary Engaging Public Issues master's programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Together with Yousef Gnaoui, he hosts the Dutch podcast Een goed systeem