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decolonial ecology: thinking from the caribbean world

Episode 3 with irene van oorschot

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Irene van oorschot

meet the co-host

Irene van Oorschot is an assistant professor at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Her current research focus is on practices of climate adaptation and mitigation in everyday life and within environmental management practices specifically. Her recent Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (KU Leuven) investigated the circulation of the promissory notion of 'ecological resilience' in national and supranational policy, while her current Veni (Dutch Research Council) ethnographically explores how this notion of 'resilience' is practiced by front-line environmental managers. She is interested in particular in the way the reality of climate change is shifting practices of ecological valuing, and is generative of new knowledges as well as uncertainties. 

decolonial ecology

about the book

The world is in the midst of a storm that has shaped the history of modernity along a double fracture: on the one hand, an environmental fracture driven by a technocratic and capitalist civilization that led to the ongoing devastation of the Earth’s ecosystems and its human and non-human communities and, on the other, a colonial fracture instilled by Western colonization and imperialism that resulted in racial slavery and the domination of indigenous peoples and women in particular.

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