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silencing the past: power and the production of history

Episode 2 with Jess bier

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Jess bier

meet the co-host

Jess Bier is a social theorist who engages with the social and political impacts of scientific and technical knowledge. Her research focuses on how society shapes science and technology, and vice versa. More specifically, she analyzes geographies of knowledge, or how science and technology transform across space and time. She also studies how knowledge and data can rework space and time, for example by shaping changes in urban landscapes, infrastructures, and forms of mobility.

Silencing the past

about the book

Placing the West’s failure to acknowledge the Haitian Revolution—the most successful slave revolt in history—alongside denials of the Holocaust and the debate over the Alamo, Michel-Rolph Trouillot offers a stunning meditation on how power operates in the making and recording of history.

This modern classic resides at the intersection of history, anthropology, Caribbean, African-American, and post-colonial studies, and has become a staple in college classrooms around the country. In a new foreword, Hazel Carby explains the book’s enduring importance to these fields of study and introduces a new generation of readers to Trouillot’s brilliant analysis of power and history’s silences.

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